Grand Hotel et de Milan
Grand Hotel et de Milan
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Grand Hotel et de Milan

Historically fashionable for more than 150 years

Our Grand Hotel et de Milan has been entwined with Milan’s cultural history ever since we opened on 23rd May 1863. La Scala is just 674 steps away and we’ve made a welcoming home for the greatest artists ever to light up that famous stage. Verdi, Caruso, Callas and Nureyev all returned time and again. Being Milan’s first hotel with postal and telegraph services we established a vibrant rendezvous for diplomats and business. After 150 years we are delighted to say we are still at the heart of Milan.

  • 1800s - Viva V.E.R.D.I.
  • 1800s - Grand Hotel et de Milan
  • 1800s - Grand Hotel et de Milan - Depliant
  • 1865 - Grand Hotel et de Milan - Depliant
  • 1900 - Grand Hotel et de Milan - Appartment "Giuseppe Verdi"
  • 1900 - Grand Hotel et de Milan - Salon de Lecture
  • 1907 - Enrico Caruso - headed letter
  • 1800s
  • 1800s
  • 1800s
  • 1865
  • 1900
  • 1900
  • 1907
Verdi’s House

The great operatic composer Giuseppe Verdi made the ‘Milan’ his home for 27 years. When the Maestro premiered Othello on February 5th 1887, the streets resonated with his famous arias from La Traviata, Nabucco and Rigoletto. Afterwards the eulogistic crowd cheering “Long live V.E.R.D.I.” unhooked the horses and carried his carriage to our doorstep. They continued to applaud until the Maestro finally stepped onto his balcony with tenor Tamagno who gave an encore, sending the crowd delirious.

Just as many people waited outside the Grand Hotel when Verdi was seriously ill. Distraught Milanese asked the Hotel’s Director to post medical bulletins in the lobby. Straw was scattered on Via Manzoni to cushion the noise made by carriage and horses so as not to disturb the Maestro laying in his bed. We have long been known as ‘Verdi’s House’ and are honoured to maintain the suite of rooms where Italy’s great Maestro lived and composed.

A glittering guestlist

It is hard to recount in a few words the glamour and creativity that has infused our rooms and restaurants. Imagine Maria Callas, bejewelled and dramatic, sweeping down our staircase – a prelude to her performance at La Scala.

In room 306, the Great Caruso recorded his first operatic performance, making him the original music superstar. Ballet legend Rudolph Nureyev stayed for weeks, often with his exquisite professional partner Margot Fonteyn. Richard Burton adored the bar while filming here. Brazen and brilliant Art Deco artist Tamara Lempicka made it her romantic Milanese home.

On April 30th, 1888, we welcomed their Majesties Emperor Don Pedro II of Braganza and Empress Theresa Christina of Bourbon for a historic visit. A statue in the lobby commemorates the passing of Brazil’s anti-slavery act which he orchestrated during his stay.

Grand designs

On 23rd May 1863 the doors of the Grand Hotel et de Milan opened to welcome the city’s high society. In coming years we took over the adjacent properties including a tobacconist, now restaurant Don Carlos, a barbers, now Caruso’s, and a brothel, to the relief of the neighbours!

In 1931 The Grand Hotel et de Milan was completely renovated with the introduction of modern bathrooms, running water and telephones in every room. Further renovations in 1993 uncovered part of Milan’s defence wall built by Emperor Maximian in 250 A.D. The fascinating ruins can be viewed in the Don Carlos wine cellars.

A family passion

For three generations Grand Hotel et de Milan has been managed with dedication by the Bertazzoni family. They have lavished personal attention on this much loved Milanese landmark, to make it a ‘Leading Hotel of the World’.

The elite collection describes the ‘Milan’ as a hotel with ‘history, charm and refinement, a perfect combination for this 18th-century mansion …’. 

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