Secret Flower magical story

In Greek mythology Anemone was a beautiful nymph from Flora's court (goddess of vegetation and flowers) who had made two winds fall in love: Zephyr, the graceful spring wind, and Borea, the cold north wind. The two winds, being in competition, began to fight each other to contend for the heart of their beloved Anemone but, in doing so, they unleashed storms and storms. Flora, resentful and jealous, decided to cast a spell on Anemone transforming her into a beautiful flower and tying her, in this way, to her suitors forever. In fact, Zephyr’s court, a spring wind, would have made it hatch and the caress of Boreas, a cold wind, would have made it disperse the petals prematurely. For this mythological reason, the Anemone is a very short-lived flower.

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