La Scala Theatre and Grand Hotel et de Milan “liaison”

The Teatro alla Scala in Milan, by order of Maria Theresa of Austria, was inaugurated in 1778 from the ruins of the church of Santa Maria della Scala, from which it takes its name. Today it is a true and real institution in the world of opera as well as an almost recurring liturgy for the world's greatest tenors. Performing at La Scala is synonymous with style and means facing one of the most important stages with the main objective of satisfying one of the most demanding audiences in the world.

The Grand Hotel et de Milan, thanks to its proximity to La Scala, strengthens and underlines its bond with the Theater with the Don Carlos, the historic and authentic restaurant of the hotel, the only one open also after the Scala. In addition some of the Grand Hotel’s prestigious suites have been dedicated to the most talented and famous personalities of this theatrical reality.