Art at the Table, by Audrey Ballacchino

In the heart of the fashion district, in the little square where the "jardin d'hiver" of Ristorante Caruso overlooks, stands now the elegant and incomparable Tearose Boutique

Thanks to the unique combination of scents, lights, flowers and couture this boutique has become a magic place of inspiration for designers and fashion stylists.

From 1 to 30 September 2021, for the first time, Tearose will be hosting "Art at the Table, by Audrey Ballacchino". In a contemporary key but always respecting and enhancing tradition and cultural heritage we will find a selection of ceramics inspired by Sicilian banquets. The dining table in our homes becomes a meeting and exhibition space, the art of the banquet transforms itself as an image of everyday life, but also of ritual and cultural heritage.  A world really close to Tearose, which recalls what Aristotle declared in his Politics: "man is a social animal": "deeply desirous of sharing with his fellows".

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